Pyramid Homes, LLC
Residential Custom Design, Built & Consulting
With every project, we work
closely with the client to define
project paqrameters, set priortires,
and establish goals.
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We strive to be the best in our
industry with creative plans that
deliver balance of aesthatic
and practiclaity.
From start to finish, we take a
hands on approach. We take
pride in the smallest details

What Is a Master Builder?

Ahmad Younes has been building homes in the Kansas City for more than a decade. As an
architect, Ahmad oversees each project from concept to design through construction. No
detail is overlooked. Each project is carefully designed to meet the needs and wants of the
Most local builders rely on a third party drafter to modify their generic plans to suit the needs
of the customer. Sometimes this can take weeks or months. Being an architect and
designer, Mr. Younes can create a truly custom home plan and make any plan changes
immediately. This dramatically expedites the building process. Being a builder, Mr. Younes
understands that you are only as great as your subcontractors and the people who work
with you. Pyramid Homes has worked to establish strong relationships with some of the best
subcontractors in the Kansas City area to provide a top quality home.

The high standards and responsibilities of the master builder are unique; extreme passion
and dedication. A master builder cannot separate his design from the construction. It is this
driving passion that leads the master builder to excellence. When the architect understands
all the elements of the building dynamics and has the respect of the tradesmen he has then
arrived and has earned the right to call himself a master builder. (Pyramid Homes) Together
we change your dream to reality. new
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